Top 5 Houston SEO Consultants


Joshua Belland is a SEO expert and Houston Search Engine Optimization consultant. He has experience working with a wide range of brands varying from local businesses to fortune 50 companies. He has experience working with B2B and consumer based markets, enabling him with the ability to adapt to new cultures and environments easily.


Signet Interactive delivers some of the best online marketing Houston has to offer with an expert SEO team specializing in a variety of B2C and B2B market verticals. Signet takes a unique approach to Search Engine Optimization, employing persona driven keyword strategies that help position your brand and increase lead generation.


TopSpot IMS offers an expert SEO team and specializes in industrial markets. TopSpot also offers E-Commerce Website Development and SEM Services.


Forthea Interactive is an online marketing agency with a team of SEO specialist considered to be among the top in Houston.


Inmode has an expert team of SEO and SEM Specialists. Inmode is revered as one of the top internet marketing agencies in Houston.

Link Building for Beginners

If you want to be successful online, must have a strong grasp on how to build links. It’s not difficult but you need to respect the process.

What is link building?

Link building is the process of acquiring links. However, link earning might be a better term. Let me explain… We only link to things we find interesting, entertaining, and valuable, right? In order for your content to acquire links, it needs to have one (or all) of those characteristics.

Why is link building important?

In reality, link building is about visibility. Google uses links to discover new pages and to determine how a page will show up in the search results. The top results get the most visibility.

You want people to see your content, right? Earning more links will bring visitors. If you have more visitors, more people will be exposed to your content, product or business. So learning how to build links is going to be crucial to your success online. This fact isn’t going to change anytime soon.

What is anchor text and how does it affect me?

Anchor text is the clickable text you see all around the internet. It’s one of the ways Google comprehends the relevance of your site.

Back in the day, anchor text was used (or abused) to help a page rank higher in the search results. Now it’s one the best ways for Google to penalize your site.

In 2012, Google started making changes to its algorithm which helped the search engine to recognize anyone trying to game this system. Link builders were forced to use new strategies going forward.

How important are links in 2015?

As long as links play a part in algorithm of search engines, link building is going to relevant to you.

In order for you to be successful online, you need to understand how to implement high-quality link building campaigns. What does that really mean? It means having various types of quality content that appeal to your audience. And once you have the content, knowing how to promote it to your audience.

Moving forward, you have to constantly ask yourself if your content is really high quality. You have to constantly think about how it provides value to your audience. Then you just keep doing it over and over.

Can link building benefit my business?

If links are about connecting web pages, business is about connecting people. Earlier, I talked about how linking building is about visibility. Well, business is the same.

Business want to be seen by more people. They want more customers and clients. They want their name to be easily recognizable. Link building can help you do all of those things for your business.

Good vs. Bad Links

Instead of talking about good links versus bad links, let’s talk about white-hat versus black hat.


White-hat strategies are consider to low-risk strategies that follow the guidelines of the search engines. These strategies are all about adding value to you readers (customers), your industry, and the internet as a whole. Creating quality content or curating quality content is characteristic of a white-hat strategy.

Even though a white-hat game plan will take longer to show results, those results will continue to pay dividends for a long, long time.


Black-hat link building strategies are the opposite: they’re high-risk and they violate the guidelines of the search engines.

Some link builders use these methods to exploit loopholes in the algorithm of search engines. These exploits enable sites to rank higher in the results without actually deserving to that position.

A black-hat approach can work in the short term, but the risk is extremely high.

How do you plan a link building strategy?

Simple link building strategies are the ideal way to go. Create different types of quality content. That means well written articles, guides, and case studies.

Evaluate which types of content your audience responds to the most. In addition to that, study your competitors and learn what’s been successful for them.

Continue to ask yourself if you’re providing value to your audience with your content. If your content does provide value, eventually, you’ll earn (acquire) links.

You may also consider hiring an online marketing agency, SEO agency or SEO expert to help you with your efforts.

In conclusion

Learning how to build links isn’t very difficult. But it does take time to do it the right way. Most things in life do. When you do get it right, you’ll be surprised just how beneficial it is to your success online.